• Grand Rue, 3
  • Geneve, Switzerland

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A classic Italian tradition: pasta made with fresh ingredients, passionate care, and utter simplicity. Our restaurant serves fresh pasta every day, including egg pasta, certainly history’s most ancient recipe and a culinary jewel exclusive to Italy’s gastronomic tradition.


Our devotion to raw materials and our painstaking care in selecting the most natural products are the true main ingredient on our menu. We focus above all on the quality of our ingredients rather than on the complexity of the dish. To bring out flavours and highlight naturalness, we craft our dishes with each season’s first offerings and with the choicest Italian specialties.


The furniture of Osteria della Bottega is an exclusive supply by Sestini e Corti, a company in the Tuscan hills, headquartered in a house built in the 1700s in the province of Siena. Here old oak, chestnut and fir beams, chipped sheets of travertine, forgotten shingles and roof tiles are taken care of, so that they may once again take up residency in new apartments, floors, roofs, vases.