Chef  Francesco Ibba

Originally from the city of Cagliari in Sardinia, he has been attracted since childhood to the vast world of cooking, thanks to the traditional recipes of Mamma Rosa and a father Chef.
During his studies at a specialised hospitality school, he began his career in the typical restaurant kitchens of his hometown, where he quickly realised that his growing passion had a great need to be satisfied.
Francesco will then go on a professional discovery of the Italian peninsula, which he will do with great Chefs who will inculcate the essential rule: “cook with passion and good taste” from northern Italy to southern Italy, he expanded his culinary knowledge from the salty flavours of the Mediterranean Sea to the Nordic cuisine of the Alps and its freshwater lakes. He is also continuing to perfect his techniques by doing internships in various avant-garde institutions.
Thanks to a series of various and professional experiences he finds himself at 24 years old, in Switzerland, in the superb city of Geneva a city that will become his second home. The city of Calvin, already international by its essence will have an incredible amount of diverse culinary influences on him, a place where his creative mind will develop the knowledge,style and technique of French gastronomy.
On his thirtieth birthday, his appetite and his professional ardor lead him to “Osteria della Bottega”, where he reinterprets the transalpine classic style in a modern way.

For him happiness and generosity are fundamental ingredients in cooking. Returning to the roots and avoiding the unnecessary, he tells the story of a product, a season and local producers that fuel his battle against the standardisation of taste.